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Друзья! Я приглашаю Вас на свои мастер-классы по фотографии, где поделюсь своим опытом и знаниями. Для того, чтобы изучить полную программу 2х дневного воркшопа, а так же забронировать места - перейдите в интересующий Вас город.


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Давид Дубницкий:

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“Я потратил много времени на то, что бы стать профессионалом своего дела. В своих мастер-классах я хочу передать весь свой опыт, показать все те подводные камни на которые я наступал и очень долго не мог найти решения. Для начинающих фотографов это должно быть колосальным подъемом вверх. В конце каждого мастер-класса, как всегда, несколько практических уроков для молодых и столь опытных фотографов.”

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What do you expect from a masterclass? Go get some ideas, find new perspectives, learn some insights.... Well I was quite overwhelmed with David's workshop. A whole new concept, things I never thought about, even basics I just threw overboard. Started all new. I admire David's genuine taste for beauty and details, which are harmony. And his emphasis and easy words bringing it along. I am really impressed by his patience even after the show, when he corresponds and correcting. Well he is my teacher

Los Angeles

I am a huge fan of David's work. I took David's masterclass because I wanted to understand how he creates his work. Not only did David's class go into detail about the process of creating his work, but also how he grew his audience and how to set your own work apart from everyone else's. This was the most valuable masterclass I have taken to date and I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about expanding their photography skills and developing their own brand.


Despite the fact, I am a beginner photographer I have received a lot of useful information and incentives for new forms of work. David's approach to photography is an extraordinary vision as an artist - very meticulously nearing to detail, building a particular foreshortening and conveying the emotions of models. He teaches the participants to lay precisely out everything in the right place and hit the target. This event was well structured and mainly divided into three parts: theory, practice and processing of the resulting photographs. This workshop opened the door to the world of ideas and the possibility to see scenes under a different angle. I wish everyone interested in taking beautiful portraits and not only join David's seminar.