Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (the "Rules") is/are integral part(s) of a Public Offer for the provision of services (the "Public offer") and User Agreement (hereinafter reffered as – User Agreement). Terms and concepts used in these Rules are analogous to terms and concepts used in the main text of the User Agreement and the Public Offer using resources and Services provided by the Company, User agrees with these Rules. In the case of the User cancellation compliance with these Rules, he has to stop using the Application. Rules apply to any Services offered by the Company through Service "NYMF".

The concept of confidential information

The confidential information refers to all identifying information obtained by the company from the User during the use of the Application. This information if it is necessary, can be used for the contact the User, as well as online and in other ways. Personal data is a part of the confidential information provided by users exclusively on a voluntary basis and with his consent. To access the app the provision of the confidential information is necessary, only in this case all sections of the Service will be available.

The structure of the confidential information:

The scope of personal data:

Attention! Analytics services are connected in the Program: Firebase, Google SDK, Apple SDK. The scope of personal data is described in user agreements and privacy policies of these systems. The NYMF service doesn’t collect individual personal data; after registration, the Program will receive basic user information that can be used in the future work of the Program: a unique user identifier, language and country data, device identifier, device type, and other public information about the user's device, Apple and Google services are used for in-app purchases, which are associated with Apple ID and Google Play accounts, respectively.

The purpose of the collection of sensitive information:

Use of personal information

The company is not to disseminate of personal data of Users and not to share this information with third parties, except in the following cases:

The company may perform statistical, demographic and marketing research using confidential information. Results of these studies are not confidential. In any case, the Company ensures that the research results will be used without any connection with personal information submitted by the User and will not allow us to identify a specific User. The user expresses his consent to obtain personal messages from the Administration to email address at any time and any nature, including advertising.

Placing of the User’s information about himself when using online

The user may wish to provide third parties with any information about himself in the course of using the Application. This information is regarded as public, and therefore, the Company doesn’t assume any responsibility for the consequences of such actions of the User. The user guarantees that the information provided by third parties and the Company cannot:

The collection and storage of confidential information

The company provides collection, storage and use of confidential information in strict compliance with these Rules. The company takes all necessary measures in order to provide storage and use the received information adequately. Collection of personal information occurs automatically when visiting the resource as well as when filling in the User-proposed forms.

The company makes every effort to minimize the risk of the unauthorized access to confidential information, as well as the risk of its improper use, however, assumes no responsibility in case of obtaining the access to confidential information by the third parties.

Other web sites and Services

The company is not responsible for the actions of other websites or Services which contains links to the "NYMF" Service or links contained in our Service, including the placed information or their contents. By click on the link from "NYMF" Service on another web site or Service, Policy of confidentiality doesn’t extend to these third party web sites or Service.

The company reserves the right to change or update this Rule privacy, so the User must periodically review it. The company may provide additional notice forms of modification about changes or in accordance with the circumstances. If the User continues to use the Service after changes in the privacy policy, it will mean that you accept those changes.

In case of disputable situations when using the software product, and also in other cases stipulated by the User Agreement and Public Offer concerning the use "NYMF" or the current legislation of Ukraine, the User agrees to provide the Company with personal data at its request in written form as well. The company reserves the right to store all confidential information relating to the User within 5 years after the User’s refusal from the use of Service "NYMF", including modified and changed personal data.