Workshop in Germany

Workshop in Germany

The program of the 2-day workshop

The 1st day:

10.30 Theoretical part:
- definition of a good and mediocre photo. The stages of the changes from quantity to quality, with examples;
- mood in photography as one of the most important components. Managing methods of creating mood and general emotional component in the photo;
- making a beautiful composition. Learning to manage visual and semantic accents, competently design a frame and fill it with details;
- creating complex photos, using collages;
- creation of plots and stories in photographs, simple and complex examples, and of course, what are sources of these ideas;
- preparing for a photo shooting. What should we prepare before the photo shooting, so that everything goes quickly and effectively.

14.00 Photo shooting:
- analyzing  camera settings, optics;
- learning how to use a reflector correct;
- working with the model, learning  posing, angles and details in the frame.

16.00  Theoretical part:
- talking "about models." Search for models, TFP,  bussiness;
- features ofwork in the nude genre, motivation and mistakes to avoid;
- developing  as a photographer. Finding your own way. Goals and their achievement with some real examples;
- transformation from hobby to bussiness for beginners;
- analysis of main mistakes of photographers who are in a state of "stagnation";
- making money on photo bussiness, searching for customers and promoting yourself as a brand;
- features of promotion in Instagram on my own experience ( 400,000 live subscribers for 2019 year);
Each topic is going with a large number of examples of my own  and other photographers practice.

The 2nd day:

10.30  A long genre photo shooting with elements of "nude":
- creating  an image, plot and story  with nude elements in a series of photos together with other photographers;
- working with the model, when each participant will have a chance and  time to work with the model by himself.

15.00 Post-processing of photos:
- creating the necessary mood and atmosphere in the frame, using post-processing
- accent management in post-processing;
- creating depth and volume in photos;
- artistic and fast post-processing, using plugins and presets which are built into Photoshop
- creation of lighting effects and "softness" of the image ( film effect ).

Questions answer.

The terms of participation:

Please, contact the workshop planner as for the price, booking tickets and any other relevant information.